Oct 18, 2016

Use Kwasu WiFi for free

Kwara state University, Malete, is one of the most Internet driven institutions in the western part of Africa,  prior to the commencement of the academic activities for the 2016/2017 academic session,  the school usually provides its student will get a unique ID (Username and password)  to gain access to the school Internet services which is free for all staffs and students.

However,  due to the slow down of activities in the new academic session the new students were unable to login to the school WiFi services and as such left the new students helpless and begging the stalites for their log in details.  Below is a step by step guide to make use of the available login for multiple devices same time.  An example of a user login details looks like this.

Username: 13/27LS/002
Password: kwasu

The above details can be log on to four different devices at the same time,  same process can be applied to any other Internet provider that make use of "Mikrotik Hotspot"

Step 1: Login to the portal,  and input the login details,  matric number and password.

Step 2: change the alphabets in the matric numbers to combination of upper and lower cases letters.

And input the same password to login to the services.
For users that contains 3 alphabets it can be used 9 users and so on.
Note: It does not apply to the password.