Oct 17, 2016

A female presidential candidate at Kwasu

"Politics is predominantly dominated by men,  who formulate the rules of the political performance evaluation"  (Agishi, 2014).
In Kwara State University, however gender roles had never experienced a balance among individual departmental associations.  Gone are the days when  you only find posters flooded with pictures of male aspirants, most specifically presidential positions. Meet Halima a 300 level student of Business and Entrepreneurship vying for the post the president of her department.

Can we meet you?
I'm Akinyemi Halimat Abimbola, I hail from Abeokuta Ogun state.  I attended St.Birgitta nursery and primary school and Taidob college. A  300 level student of  Enterprise creation and management.

Have you had previous experience in politics?

What are your motivations and plans towards your aspirations.
Since inception have always wanted to be a leader,  someone who is always willing voluntarily to help and assist other individual to achieve a common goal. Since the department had experienced four administration by male president in the past,  I believe it's time for a female to give its take to the departmental governance. Aside from the fact that I am willing to voluntarily serve the department towards the attainment of individual academic and social welfarism, I will make myself available to suggestions, questions and criticisms by every member of my department irrespective of their level.

What have U been doing towards your aspirations?
I Have been campaigning and praying but trust me it has not been very easy, the discrimination is getting too much all because I am a female. There is this stereotype affecting our people concerning a female taking up leadership role. But I don't subscribe to that.

What are your plans for office?
My plans for my office are to reduce missing result to the bearest minimum, organize tutorials and there will be a renewed orientation and re-orientation for both new and stalites , increase social activities like going for excursion,organizing a befitting dinner, competition and so many more so as to enhance overall participation and integration of the department at large.

What is your advice for other females who might want to participate in politics.
They should be strong,focused and never give up and they should do there home work right,  do away with impossibility, and be very prayerful.

Halima has proved to you that she doesn't belong to the KITCHEN!!!

To attest to this watch her inspiring campaign video.

However, this is not a campaign ground but rather an inspirational channel that will create an enabling environment tailored towards the development of female involvement in the decision making  process.